Anne-Marie Slaughter’s June 2012 article in the Atlantic Monthly began a heated debate about the lack of support for mothers in the American work force. The article focused mostly on high stress professions like law and government, where work life balance is difficult for both men and women. Part of the discussion was that men and women do not have the same choices; partly for biological reasons, partly for psychological ones. For an artist, who often has to work another job, and whose solitary practice requires hours of headspace and unpaid labor, this struggle remains untold.

Thou Art Mom is an exploration of the process of creating art while raising children.  The 15 artists in the show are all mothers.

•Four have three children, five have two children, and six have one child. The ages of these children range from 27 years old to just a few months.

•Two of these mother/artists have twins.

•Eleven of these women have jobs besides parenting and making art. Of the eleven that work, eight of them are employed as art teachers.

•Three work in mixed media, four are sculptors, two work in graphite, two in video and related media, two are painters, one is a printmaker, and one is a photographer.

•Eleven are married and four are divorced.

•Eight live in the suburbs, seven live an urban area.

The project was conceived by one of the eight artists, photographer Susan Evans Grove who has two teenage sons and a full time job in publishing besides her art practice. Through ebbs and flows Grove has continued to make art and pursue a career as an artist throughout her children’s lives. As she began interviewing the other artists, common themes began to emerge. Grove found it comforting to hear from others who had experienced what she had. Likewise she hopes the project will inspire other artists to persevere with their own creative pursuits through the toughest parenting years; as well as allow young artists who might be considering their future family planning, a chance to hear some truth.

If you are a visual artist and a mother and are interested in joining our Facebook group, you can find it here